Wednesday, April 22, 2009

down with capitalism

..or at least let me move elsewhere.

finally got around to watching sicko - and it did kinda make me sick, but i don't know if things are as bad as it makes them out to be - well, the disparity, that is. i know things are that bad, i just find it hard to believe they're so much better elsewhere. reminds me of a bad religion song, "all fantastic images," which can essentially be summed up with the "grass is always greener" cliche.

don't know though, it was pretty convincing. made america look like a 3rd world country in comparison to france, great britain, even canada. i am inclined to say i hate this country, tbh, but don't have the means to find out if anywhere else is really any better. i'm not really the go-getter type, and just seems that's the only way to get just about anything here. unless you're privileged enough to have a lot of it provided for you, but that can be a curse in itself, i suppose. but i wouldn't know.

i'm not ambitious - nor egocentric enough, maybe - depending on how you want to spin it. almost seems like that might not be such a big deal in some societies, though. where the government is more about helping people, and less about everyone helping themselves. maybe lacking ambition might not be such a grave character flaw elsewhere.

i think of this word, "disabled" and it's so pointed, so polarizing. fair enough to say, i'm not disabled, really. it shouldn't be whether or not someone is disabled, though. just a matter of helping those who need help. some just needing help getting on some sort of self-sustaining track. and i don't know if anyone who knows me can say i don't need that sort of help. i'm not even talking "free ride" help. just feel like that's where this polarizing system leaves me.

so, i wonder, what if i were in a society that weren't such a free-for-all, where things like going to school, work, shelter, medical care, etc, etc, were just considered basic rights, rather than something we're supposed to fight for at every step of the way? maybe it's not about which system is better, so much as which would suit me better. this one sure doesn't.

this post initially inspired by last night's daily show...

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