Wednesday, November 14, 2012

the facebook is not enough

I have a lot to say.  Just ask Jenny, she loves hearing me go on and on.. and on.

For some reason, I seem to have stopped blogging, though.  Couple reasons for it, like the latest trends leaning away from anything that can't be summed up in semi-literate one-liners.  Also, just being in a relationship seems to have diminished my biological imperative to tell the world what I'm thinking.

I get the distinct impression that the world doesn't care all that much, and yet.. seems like a healthy thing.  As human beings, there seems to be something vital in how we share ourselves in some way, cooperatively striving to be more than what we are.  Even if we don't really get anywhere, maybe there's something to be said for the effort.  Something to be said for not just giving up entirely on the impulse to contribute.

I'm tired now, though. and have a bit of a headache.  Maybe I'll post more later.

1 comment:

fumigato said...

"For some reason, I seem to have stopped blogging, though."

Yes, but your proper capitalization abilities have flourished! Just think, once you hit 50 you'll be typing in all caps (that's actually an AARP requirement). *Vincent Price laugh for no apparent reason*