Sunday, November 18, 2012

high quantum proliferation theory

Reality creates itself along the paths of what's possible, steered by what's probable.  I would sum this up with the simple statement, "what works, works."  This absurdly simple concept explains how everything can exist, including past, present, and future, without us realizing it.  Due to biological blinders, both obscuring this truth, and yet helping us proliferate.  Even thinking non-linearly, that simple concept, of "what works, works" explains why proliferation in any direction would be probabilistically steered into further proliferation, just as if it were true in the obliviously linear temporal sense.  Equally functional, but the latter being simpler, easier.  More likely.

Incidentally, this would also line up with how quantum mechanics implies all possible states to exist at the same time.  As if what's possible is somehow more real as what is.  Due to how it's "what's possible" that really matters, and drives everything forward.  As opposed to what just incidentally is, and could have also been anything else.  Anything else, within the absolutely concrete limits of what's possible.

Hold on, I need another hit.

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