Sunday, December 23, 2012

red (white) and blue

I've been a lot more political lately.  I don't know why, but seemed to start with paying attention during the months leading up to this last election.  Now I suddenly find myself paying attention to all of it.  It's weird.

...but I have some thoughts.  One thing I keep coming back to is the partisanship.  Democrats and Republicans, and all the other labels that fall more towards the red or the blue.  All the details and meaning to why people seem to fall into one of these two categories   As for people who think they don't.. I think they usually just have some underlying reason for not realizing that they do.  Some people are even on the wrong side I think, too.  Some other association that blinds them to how it goes against their natures.  For the most part, though, I think the differences are clear.

One dichotomy that's come to mind recently, is how one side seems to think more adversarially.  That is, us vs them, way more often than the other side does.  Instead of cooperatively.  Standing off, instead of joining in.  Even in terms of the government, wanting it to be small, and inneffectual, as if in poor grasp of the concept that government is part of us, not them.  It's outside our familiar circle of understanding, though.  It feels beyond us, mysterious in how it works exactly.  Not safely, us.

Yet, close enough to us, that when looking further, beyond, to all the other nations around us, this one side, suddenly wants government to be big.  Big enough to fend off the entire rest of the world, if we have to.  How adversarial is that?  I think I'll call this side A.  The other side B.

A. favors tradition, religion, status quo, wealth, power, domination.  They all too often racist, sexist, homophobic, segregating, standing off, protecting themselves, afraid.

B. favors education, science, progress, charity, compassion, equality.  More often cultured, fair, accepting of differences, inquisitive, cooperating, joining in, protecting each other.

I could go on and on, I could easily slip into more prejudicial terms.  I just find it amazing how all these elements tend to go together.  And how one set is so clearly superior to the other.  It almost looks like a branching of our genealogical tree, with one side looking like it might be going the way of the neanderthal.

Course, I'm biased, though.  I'm not on the selfish bible-thumping materialistic greedy impractical scientifically illiterate redneck side.

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