Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a liberal branding problem

The search for the truth can be time consuming.  Tedious, even.  If you don't at least put in the effort though, it can be difficult to discern it from a lot of the very compelling nonsense out there.  The interweb is rich with facts that turn out to be less than entirely factual, under scrutiny.  Scrutiny which most people can't be bothered with.

Doesn't seem to stop them from thinking they know what's really going on, though.  Maybe even trying to do something about it.  How much havoc have we wreaked upon each other, in the name of shit that isn't even remotely true.  Not on differences of opinions or even power struggles, but causes built upon utterly nonsensical imaginary foundations.

Humanity seems always to be caught up in a struggle, an ideological survival of the fittest, where it doesn't matter who's right, so much as it matters who can more successfully convince others.  Which worldview propagates more effectively, eventually changing the direction of society, and even humanity itself.

Truth has a liberal bias, as they say, which does give progress the upper hand, but that isn't to say it's always enough.  There's so much bullshit out there.  In these days of viral marketing, crowdfunding, and everyone sharing their opinions about everything, I wonder if we could do better.

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