Tuesday, April 9, 2013

imperative for cooperation

why is it one person believes in helping others, and another believes 'survival of the fittest' means leaving others to fend for themselves?

i think it might be the very same instinct that drives all living things.  the instinct to survive and prosper.  some of us just have the sense that our best bet is to work together, to help those in need for an ultimately stronger society.  which, in turn, increases our own chances of survival and prosperity.  it isn't just about bleeding-heart empathy.  on a deeper level, that's really just a mechanism.  it's also very much about what's the most practical overall.

we want to be strong enough to deal with whatever comes our way, but for some reason, others seem content with just being able to defend their own caves.  yet can't see that they'd still literally be in caves, if not for all the people working together to do better than that.

maybe evolution just doesn't work fast enough.

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