Tuesday, May 7, 2013

i love our fake president

Obama's approval rating is down, but congress' is even lower.  This appears to be the Southern Strategy coming to a head, and as I said when this Kenyan was elected for a second term, it's not going to go over that easily.  It is a massive step forward for this country, but a step that's still shackled by our heritage of slavery, the civil war that ended it, and a Nixonian tactic, where Republicans chose the wrong side of history, for an inherently fleeting power-grab.

(and when I say "Nixonian," it isn't nonsense rhetoric.  I mean literally, involving Nixon, during his time in office.)

Even on the left, I see so much disapproval of Obama, that he's not liberal enough, that he compromises too much, that he isn't leading hard enough, but I've come to think, this is just playing into the GOP's hands.  Even if he's not quite as liberal as I'd like, suggesting that he's as conservative as Bush or Reagan is a bit absurd.

I know it can be somewhat difficult to tell, given how mitigated his efforts have been, but I think he's doing what he can, for a government that's designed to prevent anyone, even the president, from having too much individual power.  It's not a perfect system, but it's worked pretty well - at least before one party realized they could exploit it, to obstruct just about everything.

This is not a viable strategy for them in the long term, though. Times are changing, demographics are changing, this is even related to their in-fighting on immigration reform;  If they even begin to lose the south, it would be game over for the radical right, and the strategy which gave them power.

It's a reaction to Obama's re-election, it's a reaction of desperation, but by undermining the country, opposing public opinion at every turn, they're chiseling away at their own party.  The president is more likely to go down in history with a shining record, not just in spite of all this, but even more so, because of it.  As time goes on, we'll step back, and he will not look like a failure for what he hasn't accomplished, but a brave leader, fighting an incredibly difficult battle.

He's also paving the way for future progress, after all this blows over, and the right is practically helping him do it, by sabotaging themselves.  Things may be pretty rocky for a while, but it will be interesting to see how the next decade or so plays out.

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