Wednesday, May 29, 2013

loose wingnuts

When I started paying serious attention to news on the internet, and the ever present comment sections at the end of every article, I didn't really know where to start.  I like commenting, so naturally, I tend to gravitate towards sites where my comments are more likely to result in friendly discussion.  I try not to end up in too much of a bubble environment, but people are so polarized these days.

I'm somewhat ambivalent about this, being quite the radical socialist, myself.  At least, as far as my ideals, go.  To me, it isn't all about ideals, though.  That's all too easy, to get caught up in ideologies of how the world should really be, and then depressed because there isn't a chance in hell it'll ever be that way.  I prefer to think about what's realistic, what we can honestly expect, and what we might even be able to do, to help nudge things in that direction.

That said, it still surprises me, when comments I make get thumbed down for not being liberal enough.  Such as saying that I think Chris Christie would be a hell of a lot less disastrous than Rubio, Paul, or whoever else might make it through the primaries in 2016.  Not because I have any illusions that he's not a Republican and all that entails, but because I can see that he's not an utter RWNJ.  Still, this fails to elicit a single agreement, as I can only assume, it isn't ideologically rigid enough.

Too many people just want to see what side everyone's on, eager to embrace the prospect that the opposition is in a tailspin, and just plain wrong, wrong, wrong.  It's comforting, sure, but this is too much like the bubble the GOP found themselves in, when they thought Romney was the very model of a presidential candidate, while Obama, well, that it was a crazy fluke that he ever won the first time around.  It is a failure to understand the other side, but even more grievous, a failure to understand the center.  The huge percentage of the country which isn't so ideological, just fickle people who keep voting for whoever seems more likeable, without even watching much of the news, not even Fox's version.

I keep saying that overall, we're always moving forward, but this doesn't mean the winds never blow in the other direction.  It's not even two steps forward, one step back, so much as a hundred steps forward, ninety-nine back.  It would be foolish to assume we won't see a Republican president come 2016, especially given all the underhanded means they'll use, attempting to pull it off.

The irony to all this, is that people who come off as moderate can seem like they don't care as much, or that they aren't taking what's at stake seriously enough - when the reality can be that they take it more seriously.  Willing to step out of that comfort zone, of loving to hear ourselves speak, basking in the agreement of like-minded individuals, in favor of paying attention to the details, and thinking strategically, so that what we consider important has the most realistic possible chance of success.

This is why the right is looking increasingly wrong lately.  Too many of them are refusing to do that.  I hate seeing those on the left trying to hamstring their own causes, the exact same way.

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Plentificci Gronk said...

The Lefty's are just Righty's who've taken their meds. They're still 100% corrupt assholes, they just try to be nice about it.