Wednesday, May 22, 2013

sweden is pretty white..

Sweden sounds like one of the more socially progressive places in the world, probably more so than the US, and yet, this is an issue for them.

It is interesting how they've framed it, and could probably even make an argument for being less racist than America, despite being so homogenous.  Not to even detract from that.. but I'm reminded of what I love about this country.  The diversity.  The parts of the country that are more diverse than anywhere else I'm aware of.  Never really thought of myself as much of a patriot, but this is usually the most important thing to me, when judging how much I like a place.  I strongly suspect that it's also a major factor in our prosperity.


Maybe this is why it matters so much to me, where things are going, here, in particular.  Sometimes I wonder, because I can see how things could go so very wrong.  I think to myself, that it wouldn't be the end of the world, the human race seems to keep moving forward, regardless.  They probably don't need this lunatic nation leading the way.

I'm not so sure, though. The US isn't as broke as some would have us believe.  We still have the highest GDP in the world.  We have more resources, we are stronger, we probably do have all sorts of influence over the very course of humanity itself.  For better or worse, depending on whether or not we can get our act together.

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