Tuesday, June 11, 2013

what's what

In each side we pick, it is a judgment call.  Of any issue, it takes a sort of generalization to come to any sort of conclusion.  It can seem more enlightened to be above doing so, but every time I've seen someone espousing anti-partisan rhetoric, it's become obvious that they're merely ignorant of even the basic facts.  From what I can tell of them, implausible that they wouldn't form a more polar opinion, if they were paying any attention at all.

Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that.  We couldn't be all knowing, all-opining, anyhow.  Really, I can't even fault someone for wanting to eschew the lot of it, as distraction or ultimately irrelevant, or just wanting to do their thing, live their life that way.  The problem I have with any of that, arises from these people insisting on opining, anyhow.  Half the time, without even a guise of civility, aggressively sure that despite their willful obliviousness, they know what's what, and everyone else is an asshat for not agreeing.

I shouldn't let it get to me, but it does.  I think, maybe we have this instinct, as human beings, to communicate, to put our ideas together, to build something more.  It is what we've been doing all these millions of years. Often subtle, veiled behind the day to day grind, billions of people just doing their jobs and raising their families.  It is a process, uniquely human, not coincidentally, started way back when we were living in caves, if not sooner.

For me, it goes all awry.  I get frustrated.  I don't know if I'm defective, people are just fuckwits, or what.

It is easier to frequent places where I encounter less of that, though.  It creates a feeling of communication working more like it should.  Cooperatively.  It can be frustrating when that feeling unravels, as a more divisive issue unfolds, and we're reduced to insulting each other.  That line is arbitrary, though.  We place it where it seems like it should go, but it has some flexibility to it.

Some people can be more tactful than others, bending that line, exchanging ideas in spite of misaligned foundations.  That is much more impressive to me than angry ranting, no matter how much I agree with it.  It's something I remind myself to strive for, but it's difficult.  I may not have all the facts, but I'm pretty sure I know what's what, better than they do.

(that was sarcasm.  i have no idea what the hell i'm talking about most of the time.)

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Jung Atharrt said...

You just know that the cave-dwellers were the elite, while the plebian scum all lived in muddy holes in the ground or strapped themselves to way high up tree branches for naps.

+ cool in the summer, warm in the winter
+ solid acoustics
+ high resale value
- fucking bats shit everywhere
+ fucking bats
+ shitting everywhere

Hole in the ground:
+ Spectacular view (of the stars)
- spectacular view (of velociraptor tonsils)
- "What's that gnawing on my pelvis?" "Go back to sleep, Ggjornvil."
- value depreciates faster than a Ford Taurus