Sunday, January 12, 2014

More on Propaganda

I've been using the word "propaganda" a lot.  To the point where its starting to look worn and overused.  

Between Fox news and the internet, people are getting very accustomed to an extremely narrow viewpoint. On the one side, we've got all this apathy, where we passively let our tribal familiarity define who gets to tell us whatever suits their agenda.  Be it vacuous entertainment value for profits and ratings (CNN) or blatantly partisan manipulative pandering outright lying bullshit propaganda (FOX)

Fox being the most popular "news" channel in the country - but a country where The Daily Show gets better ratings than all news channels combined, and that's not even counting torrents.  I don't imagine Bill O'Reilly gets a lot of seeds over at The Pirate Bay.

Speaking of which, on the other side, we have the internet.  I really thought the internet would be a vast network of light that would make the truth inevitable.. I still think there's truth in that, but it has this dark side.

We've been hearing about it more and more.  People choose to get their information entirely from sources that tell them what they want to hear.  What their tribal allegiance leads them to believe is more trustworthy.  What that all too often leads them to is still bullshit propaganda.

If you want to know real facts, you need to be more proactive about looking them up.  It's ok if a lot of it is partisan, I personally like MSNBC a lot, and no question, a lot of it is partisan.  Not dishonest, or disingenuous, but definitely "lean forward" progressive, as they openly admit.  Sometimes though, I have to double-check it with other sources.  Sites which don't wave any flags, and only celebrate the exchange of information, and nothing more ideological than that.

I think its becoming increasingly clear that this is a serious issue, and we need to start calling this bullshit for what it is.  If anyone has any synonyms I can use, I'd be open to suggestions, though.

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