Tuesday, June 3, 2014

in my eyes

I'm a person just like you
But I've got better things to do
Than sit around and smoke dope
'Cause I know I can cope

-Straight Edge, by Minor Threat.

I used to be into that, the music, the emotion, the sense of rebellion, will always have a place in my heart, but I've gotta Look Back and Laugh.  They also did another song, Guilty of Being White.  I don't think they were really such assholes though.  Just kids, and kids get shit really wrong sometimes.

Me, I was an anarchist, for fucks sake.  Not a nihilistic sociopathic let everyone suffer anarchist.  No, I was never really all that dark.  I honestly thought people might be better than that.  I thought that without laws, the communal goodness inherent in all of us might just win the day.. and you don't get much more wrong than that.  I mean holy fuck, people are terrible.

Drugs though?  It's ironic that given all that angry rebellion, we were suckered by such outright conservative propaganda.  We were like angry little Mr. Mackeys.

Drugs are bad, mm-kay?

No, drugs aren't all bad.  Not aspirin, not caffeine, not even recreational drugs, like alcohol.  Sure, they might make people look like zombies to an observer.  Especially drugs like Ketamine and DXM.  Even LSD or shrooms.  When you see someone doing drugs like that, it can be shocking how out of it they are.  How wrong it looks.

This is pure ignorance though.  Ignorance of what's going on in the person's mind, to make that overt discombobulation worthwhile.  If you look at the history of drugs being outlawed, it's clear that this is so often what it's all about.  Xenophobia, racism, narrow-minded intolerance of other people doing things we don't understand.  Striving to criminalize behaviour, based entirely on fears of cultural differences.  People who buy into that rhetorical gibberish are the real zombies.

My experience of the world, of life, is so much more than it would have been, had I never tried these things.  I am a better person, for many of the drugs I've done.  Drug abuse can be a serious issue, but it's not about what drugs you do, so much as how you do them.  Just like with alcohol, don't be an irresponsible jackass about it, and you'll be fine.

I get that some people can't handle them though.  Some people are just too high strung to appreciate even a good sativa without getting paranoid, nevermind a good psilocybin.  I just wish people wouldn't be so judgemental.  I mean seriously, talk about nonsense.  Such utter cluelessness doesn't generally make for much of a moral high ground.

I used to be that way, too.  So I kind of get it, in a way, but it was, you know, before I knew what the hell I was talking about.

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