Friday, August 1, 2014


I support criticism of Israel. I think a lot of it is unfair, but a lot of it isn't. In general, I support it. Even for Israel's sake, I think that if they are wrong, it could be catastrophic for them, easily as bad as just letting their defenses down, completely.
I just see a whole lot of this as being something entirely different from criticism. It looks hateful to me, and I feel like that hate is being given a pass, ignored or even embraced as an ally, for sharing in criticism.
How many rail against Zionism, but don't really even know what it means? Or worse, maybe they do? How many people agree with them, just because they're mad at Israel?
When your criticism goes beyond a state's actions, to criticising its very existence, hating anyone who even believes in it, that isn't just criticism.
When you compare Israelis to Nazis, or their Prime Minister to Hitler?  Either you really believe it ..or you really don't, but just like saying it, anyhow.  Either way, that isn't just criticism.

Or as By Prof. Danny Ben-Moshe, of Haaretz puts it..


Josh S said...

Hello from Josh S.

They just banned me and deleted all of my comments off of rawstory. There goes three weeks of arguing over Gaza.

My last comment on rawstory was to answer someone's question and say that Hamas has never taken its antisemitism nor the destruction of Israel out of its charter. Apparently it once took the destruction of Israel out of a campaign platform and that gets misreported.

I also said that they've never said that they would recognize Israel, that a spokesman said that Hamas would consider accepting a state within 67 borders and that gets misreported as that they would accept Israel within 67 borders. I also said that Fatah also still has the destruction of Israel within its charter....

That was the whole comment.... and the result of that (or perhaps my complaint about an oped saying that no one who supports Israel can be called progressive) was that every comment I've ever made on rawstory has been deleted... thousands of comments,
months of arguing...

Or maybe it was some stupid mod who said I was too rude.. it was funny because I was responding to someone who was much worse. They can call you a baby killer for supporting Israel, but rawstory will ban you for responding. That's not moderation, that's censorship.

Joshua Abell said...

The bias there is pretty clear, yeah. I know I have to be extra careful not to get mad and say anything that might be interpreted as Islamophobic, even when I'm arguing with someone who is being blatantly antisemitic, and getting a pass for it.

When it comes to Israel, liberals are seriously confused. I think it's because most of them are really vague on the history, and some don't realize that they're siding with people who have wanted to see Israel abolished all along. Others do realize that, but don't know or care about how that's going to slant the entire discussion.

It's amazing how often these discussions degenerate into an argument about whether Israel should even exist, but if you even begin to question the legitimacy of the Palestinian state, you'll suddenly get banned for it.