Sunday, August 24, 2014

meanwhile, in post-racial missouri..

With all the uproar over Ferguson, I've been watching the nature of the disagreement itself.  As I often do.. Just seems important, as I'm not entirely convinced that the dichotomies that exist between people are necessarily all that rational.

So, a whole lot of it comes down to who we trust.  Which evidence we make the most of, and which we attempt to scrutinize into meaninglessness.  Which witnesses sound reliable, which stories sound plausible.  Of course, to me, it just seems to make sense, that you don't take the word of an accused murderer, over bystanders unrelated to the entire incident.

The other side may not admit it, or know how to put it coherently, but might argue that none of the witnesses are really quite so unrelated.  They're all on the opposing side, they might want to see an officer punished, they might lie.  Their stories might all be similar, because they're all based on the first witness whose description went public immediately.

How dare they, I know.  Except, I'd have to be naive to deny that it's more than just a vague possibility.  I also have to admit, I think much the same of the cops.

He was probably just angry about something stupid that was really his own damn fault, like bumping his face on the SUV door, when he hit Mike Brown with it, and it bounced back at him.  He probably went into a jack-booted rage over it, and grabbed the nearest black guy to threaten with his gun, in an attempt to reassert his manhood.  Oops, gun went off, and now that black guy he's so pissed at is getting away.  Fuck that, he's going down.
Of course he'd lie.

Makes a hell of a lot more sense to me, that the cop would be the monster here.  Not so much sense that someone without any psychiatric history of delusional reckless behavior, upon being stopped for jaywalking, would attack a cop, unarmed, through his SUV window.  Still, not as implausibly nuts that after being shot in the arm for it, he'd take off running, get a good 30 feet away, then turn around in an attempt to charge back at the cop who's actively shooting at him.  Lowering his head like a five-year old might do, pretending to be a ram, or something.  That seems to be about what the other side considers plausible.

We're both prone to thinking a certain type of people are prone to certain behaviour.  It comes down to who you trust, but I swear, people have some really asinine factors for considering trustworthiness.

That is, other than those who just think he deserved to be put down, for getting scared of a cop who'd just shot him, and trying to run for his life.  Never do that.  Never question a cop, never resist anything they try to do to you, never look them directly in the eye, and certainly never ever attempt to run away, even if they're spitting mad, and waving a gun around.  If you so much as flinch the wrong way, you deserve whatever the cop does to you.

No, those people are just fucking psychotic.

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