Thursday, October 2, 2014

my morning walk to umdnj

my endocrinologist appt was today.  i had to catch the 6am train to newark, and then walk a mile and a half through the quaint little town that it is.  but i got there.  only to find out they had no record of me.  no record of my appt.  whoever took the appt screwed up.

something to do with one building not being able to make appointments for another building.

i'm not sure what the big deal was, given that as i listened to others checking in, i realized that everyone in the room had an appt to see the same doctor, at the same time.  as i was supposed to.  and maybe not coincidentally, it's also when the place opens.  i got the impression they don't really have an appointment system, per se.

and yet, now i have another appt next week.  i'm not sure this one was made properly either, because i didn't have the referral on hand, to give all the info necessary, but was told they could fill it in later.  i'm not sure if i'm supposed to call to fill that in or just show up with the referral at the appointed time.

i should have asked, but i just wanted to get the hell out of there, before i started yelling, "are you fucking kidding me," at the nurse who wasn't the one that did anything wrong.

this is too much like what happened last time, in pittsfield.  i'm trying, but i'm exhausted, and they just keep throwing up roadblocks, every step of the way.  seems like the most expensive healthcare system in the world spends most of its resources on trying to discourage people from getting any health care.

oh, and on a related note, i'm now being spammed with insurance and health provider info... from the state insurance system in Illinois.  Yeah, would have been really nice to have gotten that a few years ago.  Like, when I was originally approved for it.  While I still lived there.

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