Tuesday, November 18, 2014


There's interesting correlation between emotions and perception. e.g. Eye witness accounts being susceptible to distortions related to emotional state, or when taking hallucinogens, the way emotion can massively impact the nature of the trip.

It occurs to me, to wonder, if hallucination can be emotional, not necessarily perceptual.  Dread, anxiety, hopelessness - does this stuff ever really make much sense?  It is so difficult to explain to people that I know my emotions are blatantly irrational, but I have never known what it's like for that to matter.

Is that really so unusual? Are other people's emotions more tightly bound to reason, such that they need only logic, and whatever ill-conceived distress they felt, simply abates?

I'm a little doubtful. As neurotic as I may be, I'm more inclined to think that the deficit might not be one of rational accuracy, only in what a pain in the ass this particular strain of hallucination is to deal with.

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