Sunday, November 9, 2014

prior authorization

So, in my latest efforts to do something about all this, I've finally got a prescription for Omnitrope - but now it's stuck in the limbo of "prior authorization." From what I can tell, a secondary line of defense insurance companies have against paying for anything.

A prescription isn't good enough, they have to make sure the doctor actually meant it, in an extra step the insurance company can scrutinize.  It appears to be an opportunity for them to question the doctor's decision, and recommend aspirin, instead.

For some reason, the pharmacy gets the prescription, but doesn't have any info on the doctor that gave it to them.  They had to ask me, and I don't have that, because UMDNJ has this confusing teaching clinic setup, where the doctor listed on my appointments isn't the fledgling doctor who I see, whose name and contact info I've never been given.

Still, I can't seem to help but notice that I'm the common denominator, here.  I never seem to understand how to handle these problems.  It takes everything I've got just to get the basic steps done, and somehow along the way, I miss all sorts of important details.

I tried to get to sleep early again, only to find myself unable to sleep at all, three hours later.  I'll probably end up being up most of the night again - but, suddenly with the idea to give the pharmacy the number my doctor left on a phone message to me, as that might be the right one.  I might have given CVS the wrong number to call, because, how the hell was I supposed to know.

It isn't just about having the idea, though.  It's like suddenly I'm clear headed enough to know what I should have done, not sure why I didn't, motivated enough to actually do it.. but can't do it right now.  And fuck, isn't this when I'm supposed to be sleeping, so I won't be so tired all day?

Where do this differences in mental states come from?  Why does the fog only lift at the most inopportune times?  Is this my limbic system, finally kicking into action three days later than it's supposed to, or what?

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