Saturday, December 13, 2014

12, 13, 14

It has been somewhat horrifying to me, to realize that no one knows what the hell they're doing.  I mean really?  This is it?  Nothing makes any damn sense, but you just don't think about it too much, and wing it as best you can.  Adulthood has been seriously anticlimactic.

That's not to say people aren't impressive.  I mean, we're not exactly like chimps yelling and carrying on and flinging crap at each other all the time.  We have these systems that we've built together, over countless generations.  That we're supposed to learn and navigate, and they can be very impressive systems.  Our governments, our schools, our cities, the insane matrix of bureaucracy that helps keep it all together.

Take everything that goes into someone being a doctor.  All the study, all the people, everything that went into the massive body of knowledge, that is modern medical science.  The educational system to organize it, and teach it.  The hospitals, their equipment, all the pharmaceuticals and tools of the trade that a doctor needs to do what they do.

Of course, that is amazing.. but that one person, the doctor themselves, they wouldn't be able to do anything at all, without the countless people that cooperated to provide everything that went into it.  Without all that, people are idiots.  With all that, people are still idiots.  Idiots who can sometimes save each other's lives, if need be.

Social isolation, then, has some pretty severe consequences.

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