Monday, December 15, 2014


This thing people do, where we have the tendency to assume others feel relatively similarly to ourselves, unless given convincing reason to believe otherwise, this is normal.  This other thing people do, assuming others know how we feel, and thinking we don't need to explain what we're going through, this is also normal.

I think.  Actually, I'm not sure.  Maybe other people don't actually care?  People pretend not to care, but that seems to be some sort of social ritual.  Or, if given the first point, if we all interpret life similarly, it just goes both ways?  Red is red, blue is blue, up is up, down is down.

I guess I've had some doubt about this for a long time.  We all experience the world so very very differently.  There are so many factors that go into it, how could we not?  How can we even begin to imagine what it's like, to live as anyone else?

I don't know why people don't express what they experience more, in any way that's at all explanatory.  People express emotions, but they keep so much of the commentary to themselves.  I guess it's difficult.  I don't even think I understood what I was going through at all, ten years ago.  I figured this was all a whole lot simpler than it turns out to be.

This seems to be a constant progression, so far though.  Does it ever get anywhere, or is it like fractal pattern that will eventually just make my head explode?  Or maybe that's what's already happened.

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