Sunday, January 18, 2015

hashtag activism

Always the same, people complaining that we don't do things like they did in the old days.  Yeah, it doesn't feel the same, it doesn't have the old fashioned visceral punch to it, but what's really important, here?  What's activism and demonstration about?  What was the point?

It was about raising awareness.  Social change is first and foremost about making the public aware of an issue.  In turn, it's about making legislators aware of an issue.  It's about putting pressure on those legislators to actually do something.  It's about getting people to vote, for those who will do something.

So, yeah, we don't live in an age where people go outside and play in the streets as much as they used to.  Those who do take to the streets find themselves being less newsworthy than they expected, because that's not what people are even paying attention to as much, anymore.  That's not to say people shouldn't do it, but it's hardly the only activism worth doing.

In this information era, information travels differently. A whole lot of it is online, and honestly, has a much greater reach than ever before.  I'm sorry it doesn't feel the same, but stop acting all self-righteous about your old fashioned activism, just because it doesn't feel the same.  It isn't the same.  It's better.

Those people who can't be bothered to do any more than hit the "like" button?  They were the sort of people who never even noticed anything was happening, back in the old days.  It's all relative.

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