Saturday, March 14, 2015

3.14.15 9:26

People seem to like me more, when I'm stoned.  I understand that this may have more to do with my perception being altered.  That is, that people seem to like me more, precisely because I'm stoned.  I don't think that's really it, though.  I've been mindful of the possibility, but there seems to be more going on than that.

I've even noticed that when I go out, cashiers and the like seem to be friendlier.  I've thought a lot about why this is, what inexplicable behavioral change must be induced, that gets a more positive response from people?

Here's the crazy simple truth of the matter, though.  It might simply be that I smile more.  Instead of being sullen and awkward, I nod and smile so much more convincingly, because I'm actually happier.  So people smile back. It makes interaction feel a bit more like it's supposed to.

You know, unless I tell them I'm stoned, and then all the sudden me being happy is a bad thing.

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