Friday, April 17, 2015

catching the bus

In theory, I could pick up and move anywhere in the country.  Even the world, really.  There's nothing in my circumstances holding me here.  I even have the resources to survive for a month or two, while looking for a job.  I could pick somewhere to live that makes sense, or I could bravely choose somewhere that's just extra interesting.

It's no wonder people have trouble sympathizing, when I don't even get it, myself.  In theory, I have enough going for me, that I should be able to do pretty well for myself.  Especially by my standards, where making a meager living somewhere that I actually want to live, would be plenty fucking awesome.

In reality, that's just patently unrealistic.  I might as well be suggesting that I could run for President, while I'm at it.  I don't understand how people make a living.  It's like some crazy voodoo I've never been able to make sense of.  It takes me a week just to build up enough courage to make a phone call.

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