Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Another day, another three or four Americans gunned down by their police, and one from a while back has some breaking news:  No need for a trial or anything preposterous like that.  The cops decided they didn't do anything wrong.  An innocent kid is dead, but no actual crime has been committed, so move along, nothing to see here.

They know, mostly just because the man who killed the kid says so. Not that he'd have any reason to twist the truth a little, or anything.  Besides, must be written in stone somewhere that cops are infallible witnesses.

I'm a little vague on the details of this one, but from what I can gather, this cop barged into an apartment with his gun drawn, and shot an unarmed black man a few seconds later?  And claims that the unarmed black man attacked him?

Which must be true, because said crazy black man was on drugs - Xanax, pot, and shrooms, mind you.  Not the crack cocaine we've been told makes black people nearly invincible, or anything like that, but Robinson probably started yelling, when someone stormed into the apartment.  You know how scary that can be.  At the very least, that cop thought he was about to be attacked.

Also, we know Robinson was violent, because he'd hit two other people, earlier that day?  Acquaintances he'd lashed out at or something like that?  Who were completely fine? Not to say that's ok, but still, not quite the same as attacking a cop with a gun pointed at you.  Unless of course, he thought the gun-waving psycho who just came bursting into his apartment was about to shoot him.

Why did Officer Kenny have to do that, again?  Storm in, guns blazing, like he was in some sort of action movie INSTANTLY escalating the encounter to a life or death situation?  By himself?  Was that really by the book?

How does that not make the outcome his own damn fault?

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