Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the synergies of gastrophysical hedonism

Made a curry last night that came out pretty well.  I let myself be talked into adding vegetables that I don't usually combine.
I have these very specific ideas of what synergizes with what, but I'm not entirely sure these ideas aren't completely random.
Aside from onions, garlic, ginger, tomato (because they go with anything)
I added carrots, bell pepper, green
beans, mushrooms, and chickpeas.

Some of those combine with some others, but there are a number of them which feel antithetical to me..  Texture, flavor, size or shape?  I don't really know why.  I usually just go with these inclinations, although they do end up limiting my repertoire.

So, this curry came out pretty well, and yet, I'm not sure.  Might have been better if I'd followed the amorphous rules I normally do, but on the other hand, there's something to be said for getting a wider variety of nutrients, anyhow.

I also experimented with using gochujang, instead of sriracha.  Gochujang has a uniquely east asian flavor, normally not what's found in a curry, but it turned out to work very well.  Better than sriracha, but sriracha always feels like cheating, anyhow.  I pretend I'm adding heat, when what it really adds is sugar and salt.  Gochujang has more depth, although in the end, I did feel like it needed a little more sugar and salt, too.

There are some stereotypes which have more than a grain of truth to them.  There is something about getting stoned that makes me feel like everything is fine.  Whatever I've driving myself up a wall over isn't really such a big deal, after all.  Being that it's not such a big deal, I can just do something else, and stop worrying about it.  I can cook, just post about cooking, or whatever I feel like doing.  Unfortunately, sometimes there are things that I really do need to worry about.

At times, I've let that get the better of me, but these days, I generally wait until evening, when anything I need to do is indisputably out of the way.  My angst tends to plague me even then, when there's nothing I can do, anyhow, and it's really nice to get a reprieve from that.  Yesterday, I skipped it entirely, so today I made an exception and vaped a bit early.  I wish I could claim to be a beacon of responsible use, but the state of my existence can really give a misleading impression, suggesting otherwise.

It's actually kind of strange, the way whatever problems a person has, from schizophrenia to depression, from anger issues, to laziness, to forgetfulness (despite [1][2][3])  If they do any recreational drugs, those drugs become the culprit, and while sometimes there can be correlation or even causation, more often, there demonstrably just isn't.

In a sense, I wish I could say that this is me, at my worst, but in many ways, this is the best I've ever been.  Sad as that may be.  It's just not good enough to get through the circumstances I'm in, nor to be cheerful in the face of it all, but still.  Depending on far you want to go back, I'd say I'm actually doing much much better.

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