Thursday, June 11, 2015


One of the lessons I learned from doing hallucinogens has to do with just how profound a shift in perception can be.  How the exact same words can have very a different meaning, given a different frame of mind.

So much of what we take for granted as real is built upon layers of assumptions and correlations, personal experiences, cultural norms and judgements.  So much of that can change, with a mere shift in neurochemistry, and reality becomes something else entirely.

Sunlight can be harsh to someone who's too sensitive.  The darkness others fear, a comforting reprieve.  A positive thought, a ray of sunshine, or a triviality.  The negative, dismissed as hysterical hyperbole, or taken seriously, as the brutal honest truth.  We can nudge things one way or another, but I think a whole lot of it is bound to these chemical processes, our pathways developing the way they have, tuned to the chemistry of it, as it happens along the way.

For this nudging to have a chance of doing any serious good, I suspect that it has to be very persistent, it needs to be long term.  It needs to be a viable lifestyle change.  Not little steps taken here or there, but something to commit to, everyday.  Something worth committing to.

I have no idea how to make that happen.  I'm barely hanging on,
as it is.

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