Wednesday, August 26, 2015

fuck you, old el paso

Habanero Sculpin is the best beer ever.  Granted, only if you're a big fan of habaneros and Sculpins already.  It isn't just spicy.  It's a very distinctively habanero flavor.  If this means nothing to you, that's probably not something you'd find to be a good thing.

As for Sculpins, it's just an IPA by Ballast Point Brewery.  One of the best IPAs I know of.  Even better than Heady Topper IMNSFHO.

I just found a sixpack of it for sale today, which is why I mention it.  It's not actually a popular beer, oddly enough.  It may be my last chance to ever taste it.  This is normal for me.  I always seem to like things no one else does.  I feel like I'm being discriminating and refined, but apparently to everyone else, I'm just being weird.

It all started with Old El Paso Bean and Cheese Chimichangas, when I was about 7.  This is not so exotic.  It's just a fried burrito.  How American is that?  But no, the only one that sold was the McBeef version.  Bean and Cheese is just too high brow, I guess.  Took it off the market.

I'd recently vowed to forsake meat forever though, and as a 7-year-old, I took that very seriously.  I don't even know if the beef version was any good.  I just had to go back to their lousy burritos.

Old El Paso just makes canned beans and tortillas now. 

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