Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wind, my blanket, earth, my bed

Ok, for real this time.  Looks like I have an apartment waiting for me in Vermont.  Just across the river from Burlington.  Another unfamiliar new land, another chance for another start.  Maybe it will finally work out this time.  I've done this over and over now, each place different.

Different reasons it might work, same old reason it might not.  Wherever I go, there I am.  To ruin it.

I do have to learn to stop doing that, but I also have to keep trying.  As is usually the case, I can't stay here.  It's not working, there doesn't seem to be any way to make it work, and I'm not exactly attached to Montclair, anyhow.  So, sure, I know the score, but still.  Ever the nomadic vagabond, off I go, again.

Well not quite yet, but the apartment will be available circa October 10th.

Looking at Google maps, it looks really promising though.  It's a tiny city, but that also means that it doesn't sprawl out in every direction like other places I've tried to live.  Everything seems to be within a mile or two.  Even what appears to be a decent selection of martial arts schools, within easy walking distance.  Asian groceries, craft beers, even the major hospital, UVM, just a few blocks away.  Bike lanes everywhere, and even a robust public transit system that it looks like I won't even need.

So far, anything I can think of appears to be easily accessible, and I can't say the same of here at all.  Or of Minneapolis, or even Chicago.  Burlington appears to be so much more compact, while still having just about whatever I want to do.  I know, each time I've moved, I thought I was going somewhere that seemed promising, only to find some reason to hate it, but we'll see.

At the very least, I'll have a comfortable little apartment, nestled between a quaint little city, and an expanse of beautiful woodland, rivers and streams, in the heart of liberal New England.  Maybe I will finally find my way home.

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