Sunday, October 11, 2015


No, that's not gibberish, but the name of the town I now live in.  This is my new home.  It feels a bit surreal, suddenly living in this strange apartment, in this strange new land.  Feels awfully random, as I'd gotten to the point where I just had to find somewhere to go, and just dive in.

My first day here I walked through the pouring rain to the grocery store. I was dismayed to find that the sidewalk ended and had to walk along the side of what was basically a highway, just to get to the nearest supermarket.  Attempting to stock my brand new and very empty kitchen, I got carried away, and bought much more than I should have attempted to carry, especially in the rain, along the shoulder of a highway.  The whole experience did not make for a great first impression.

There are two Asian groceries much closer, which I was looking forward to checking out immediately, but the first one was awful, and the second mediocre.  Oh well.  Was starting to have some doubts about this place, but things have started looking up since then.

Yesterday, my second day here, I went to the nearest drug store, for a variety of other odds and ends I've needed.  Then, the liquor store for some beer- and whoa.  Possibly the best selection I've ever seen.  Just a few blocks away, it's going to really test my willpower.  I tend to have expensive tastes, and I can't afford to be satiating them too regularly.

Today, I went to the Winooski Farmer's Market.  Last one of the season, so despite my anxiety, I had to check it out.  Didn't have the courage to do too much browsing, but this time of year there wasn't much left anyhow.  I bought a 5lb bag of sweet potatoes, and a plate of food from an interesting looking food stall- Street Foods of India.  Was very good, though the menu was confusing, and the portion tiny.

Finally, a cup of coffee, from what appears to be the only real coffee shop in town.  I immediately recognized Morrissey's voice playing over the sound system.  The line was long, and they turned out to be playing a whole album of his.

So now I'm back home.  Finishing my coffee. In my own apartment, still trying to think of ways to make it feel like my own.  I'm still unconvinced, though cautiously optimistic.  I haven't even crossed the river to Burlington, yet. It's just a mile away, but I've been too busy.  I'm feeling pretty sore from lugging heavy bags all over, every day, starting with as many of my worldly possessions as I could bring with me on the bus to get here.

I moved, via bus.  Who does that?  Much simpler than how most people go about it, but a bit disconcerting.  It feels like a very transient thing to do.  Now that I'm here in this bare apartment, I'm trying to think of how I'm going to fill it out.  How I'm going to anchor myself.  Might take a while, but I'm making good progress so far.

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