Saturday, June 11, 2016


As I've shifted to putting all my energy to expressing myself publicly, it has made sense to do so on public issues.  I've always had a political streak, but to focus on it wholeheartedly as I have is new.. but I also wonder if it's a bit disingenuous.

I'm drawn to commenting on issues I know others care about, for the sake of exchange.  I think I also end up channeling a lot of my personal angst into my politics.

I think the US is basically tyrannical.  Not in the conventional sense, but the degree to which wealth governs our politics does essentially mean that the top 10% define public policy, without any regard at all for what the other 90% want.  This isn't as bad as a handful of psychopaths running the government, but it's not exactly democracy, either.  Among those 10% are people who do care, to varying degrees.  They don't want everyone else to be too miserable, and take their interests into consideration.. but ultimately, it is all about what they want for themselves.  Winning elections seems to have become completely divorced from doing anything for voters.

I think this is the root cause, of a lot of the anger in the US right now.  I used to laugh at the crazy right-wingers calling the government a tyranny, but now I realize they had a point.  They didn't consciously understand why they felt that way, and had nonsense ideas about what needed to be done about it, but on some level, maybe they were simply aware that their votes don't matter.  We the People don't matter.

I think I get carried away though. I wonder if my outrage is in part fueled by my own personal frustrations, about my own life.. I've learned to express that through politics, as a way of connecting with lots of people that don't want to hear me rant about my own issues.. but I'm not sure it's entirely honest.  On some level, maybe I'm really more angry about the lack of control I feel over my own life.

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