Thursday, June 16, 2016

medical limbo

It doesn't help that I'm still working my way through getting treated again.  It wasn't a miracle cure, but it sure helped.  I decided to just let myself relax, until I'm back on the Omnitrope, but now it's been over six months, and I'm still just hanging around doing nothing.  Other than dealing with doctors and all that.

Jumping hurdle after hurdle, finally got a prescription, but my endocrinologist insisted on starting me at the lowest possible dose.  It basically doesn't count.  It's not enough of a dose to do anything for anyone, other than rule out a serious adverse reaction.. but in a few weeks, I get labwork, and I hope to hell my doc bumps it up to at least 0.4mg - but who knows.  Doctors hate doing anything more than absolutely necessary for poor deadbeats like me.  Have to fight for everything, every step of the way, while they try to politely shoo me away.

I didn't even want to try exploring Burlington, connecting with people here, or really going out and doing much of anything more than I need to, until I get this dealt with.  I was very active, when I first got here, still taking what my docs in NJ had prescribed, but that didn't last.  I just have no motivation, no energy, and trying not to dwell on it too much.  Without it, I'm afraid I'd just end discouraging myself.  I need to the leg up that the Omnitrope provided, and in the meantime, just wanted to let myself off the hook.

In the meantime, I am completely isolated here, though.  I haven't met anyone, or gotten involved with anything.  I have no reason to go anywhere or do anything.  It's not so bad, relatively speaking.. but it wasn't supposed to drag on like this, for so long.

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