Monday, September 12, 2016

laziest artist ever

Writing is one of the only things I seem to be able to motivate myself to do.  The catch is that I have to write this drivel.  I'm writing more of it lately, because I've lost interest in politics for the time being.  I have to write about something though, so I just babble about my issues or whatever.  Maybe some good will come of it.

Sometimes I worry that it isn't anything worth reading, but that's not really why I do it.  It just comes easily to me.  I don't have to set my superego up with a bullhorn and a cattle prod.  I just think maybe I'll write something, and so I do.  Not much else works that way for me.

I used to draw that way, too.  I tried to transition to painting, to get more serious about my artwork, but that seemed to ruin it.  Painting required too much stuff.  Too much preparation, too much money, too much physical space taken up by every lousy painting.  I hit these little speed bumps, and I'm all, ah, fuck it.  Too much work.

I did clean my apartment today, though.  Even vacuumed, which isn't something I've done in years.  Took a little bit of internal yelling and prodding, but not too bad.  I wonder if I'm feeling better.  I wonder if I'll be able to tell the difference if I am.

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