Sunday, October 16, 2016

the logistics of attention

My computer is offline for a few days.  The CPU fan died, now I'm waiting for the parts to fix it.  In the meantime, I'm using my Note4.  Not as flashy as a Note7, but at least it won't blow my fingers off, right as I'm about to type something brilliant.

What was I talking about?  Ah, right.  Attention.  That's why I title my posts before I even start the entry.  I often need the reminder. 

Sometimes I think this might be the product of wandering the information superhighway all these years.  I'm told it's not even called that anymore.  In any case, there does seem to be a fair bit of evidence suggesting that it might be detrimental to some elements of concentration, focus, attention.

But you know me, I've got to ask what those words even mean.  I want to know which molecules and receptors need the duct tape.  I'm skeptical of the conventional wisdom, which has something to do with just sucking it up and trying harder.  It just doesn't add up.   Responsibility.  Some of us just make the perplexing choice to be incompetent.

Sometimes I think that if I took a break from my PC, it would surely help.  It is a crutch, and crutches can be hard to let go of.  We come to depend on them.  That's what a crutch is all about, right?

So, sometimes we need to have them fail, to realize we can walk without them.  Although, we tend to forget that often people use crutches because they do in fact need them.  I just find myself doing nothing at all.  I don't know that it makes much sense, blaming computers for my deeply entrenched impulse to do literally nothing all day every day.

I'm think there might be a correlation between motivation and attention.  To be focused on the world in front of you, because you're going somewhere therein - as opposed to being lost in thought, drifting through the world not being paid attention to.  At least not in an immediate direct sense.

We speak of an attention deficit, or absent-mindedness, but it's really more a matter of attention redirected.  The mind isn't absent, it's just chronically busy with something else.. and not having my computer doesn't seem to be helping, after all.

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