Tuesday, November 22, 2016

psychiatric unrest

I tried hinting at it, in my last entry, but i'm thinking maybe I should put it more explicitly.  That is, I'm aware that my politics are influenced by my state of mind.  I'm aware that I form some tenuous connections between disparate types of downtroddenness.  That it might seem especially strange to lump mental illness and racial injustice together.  Part of why I'm so angry arguably being because my own mental health issues skew me that way.  I'm a frustrated angry person, which seems to result in frustrated angry politics.

A lot of different things went wrong in my life.  Poverty was just one of them, but the sort of western poverty that I'm familiar with isn't really all that bad, in itself.  The "poverty line" being high enough that most of us can eat and afford safe secure shelter.  A whole lot of the world doesn't take that for granted, and a good case could be made for not needing much more, economically speaking, to be happy.

I've often thought that the more serious problem with this type of poverty is more indirect.  It can cripple a person's capacity to handle all the things that tend to go wrong in life.  This medical condition of mine caused me lots of problems, but maybe those problems would have been surmountable if everything else around me wasn't falling apart at the same time.  Which does have the tendency of happening a lot to poor people.  A lot of things go wrong, in a lot of people's lives.

So, I got through it, but I can't go so far as to say, unscathed.  I can put all the pieces together, to understand why I ended up as such a basketcase.  I can see how I learned a few lessons all wrong, hormones being all askew probably didn't help, and now the wiring just seems to be stuck that way.

Still, I can't help but think that in a more equal society, I might have had a much better shot, despite everything else.   Arguably, a much better shot at making some sort of recovery, even now.  That's the whole reason we band together and form groups and tribes, and all of civilization, isn't it?  To be better protected from all the shit that goes wrong in life?  If we're failing to do that for some people, in any number of ways, I think it makes sense to be kind of pissed about it.

If the collective response to an individual's misfortune is just sucks for you, then said collective is failing in a very fundamental way.

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