Saturday, December 31, 2016

antisocial diagnostic terms

How is it that I made the leap, equating psychopaths with indifference to social norms?  Is the correlation between the two obvious, or maybe, something I need to explain my thinking on a bit better?

If someone is insensitive or callous, in my experience, this tends to mean they are both less prone to empathy, as well as less concerned with what other people think of them and the like.  This is a typical trait of the psychopath - to be the polar opposite of a social phobic.  Antisocial Personality Disorder often manifests as highly social, narcissistic, and self-confident.  To me, this is implies physiological correlation.  The neurological mechanism which makes a person sensitive in one way, might also be making them sensitive in another.  Tweak the dials over here, making an unintended changes over there.

This is not to say that the two can't be separated, or that there wouldn't be exceptions, and an implication is a far cry from proof.  Only that I'm skeptical without experience of good examples.  Most people are in between, most people follow basic rules of social behavior, and can seem decent and nice, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum.  Some people can even seem exceptionally nice, but that isn't the same as being exceptionally caring.

We can hold this ideal of attaining a mental state which logically separates these traits, especially as they seem conceptually unrelated - but if they are mechanistically correlated, that might not be realistic.

In Mahayana Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is a practitioner able to reach enlightenment, who delays doing so out of compassion, in order to save suffering beings.  This must include even the worm on the sidewalk, and maybe I'm not the first person to think there might be an inherent contradiction at play, here.

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