Thursday, June 15, 2017

На вкус и цвет товарищей нет

There is a pattern here.  I can see it.  Complex, but mostly rational, and yet, never predictable.  Not something I could have orchestrated.  I can only see how it comes together after the fact.  The elusive process of motivation.  At it's peak, what some are calling "flow," movement and focus, and probably not thinking about how or why.

Think about it or not though, there are underlying mechanics.  Reasons we feel the way we do, like something, feel inspired by something.  I started learning Russian, today.  I've been watching Oliver Stone's "Putin Interviews," and almost find myself liking Putin. I've been wanting to take another stab at learning a second language, but haven't decided on which.  It occurred to me to check if Duolingo offers Russian.  It does.

My Uncle Dan comes to mind.  I remember him writing me an email once, saying something to the effect that hearing from me remorqueurs aux cordes du coeur.   That was Daniel's corner of the family.  Dan, and his sister, my grandmother, Lil.  Always felt more of an affinity to that corner of the family, for whatever reason.  Their mother was very old, when I was very young, so I didn't know her.  Yetta Slobodinskaya.  She was agoraphobic, I've been told.  Went years without leaving the house.

Still, there's something else to it.  Gears clicking into place, connecting, moving.  I've been running, meditating, I've been taking better care of myself.  I've been taking vegan Omega-3 supplements.  Whatever the case, all these stars aligned and I found myself doing something that I've been meaning to do for a year or two now.  It would be really good if I could get a handle on this, because that's ridiculous.


Unknown said...

When I was twleve, a video of Shakira dancing doused in black paint came out and I suddenly felt a strong urge to learn Spanish. I found a book lying around in the house and taught myself Spanish for two months.

I might have misinterpreted my motivations back then.

Joshua Abell said...

да уж просто ученость язык к понимать вы. я терпеть неудачу.